The 840 Million isk Haiku (Video)

古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音

“Old pond a frog jumping and the sound of water”


A few weeks ago, in a stroke of ship-scanning luck and a masterfully executed suicide gank, SN member Arienne Deveraux managed to bag THIS particularly juicy pinata full of 10 PLEX. Taking it a step further though, Arienne decided to prove himself not just a capable suicider, but an all around awesome corpmate as well by hosting a corp-wide gank contest. The rules were simple: the first ninja to get a trapped mission bear to eve-mail Arienne a haiku would receive one of the freshly ganked PLEX as a prize.

I actually popped 2 guys, and almost missed my chance on the third before I remembered about the haiku. Luckily, while pewing lucky #3, I remembered to curb my wrath an get with the poetry. The proud winner was a certain Noritama Furikake, who was kind enough to aggress me in his Navy Dominix (I seem to be on a roll with these).

I’d recently bought a Fleet Stabber (My new favorite toy. Paging Mr. Rizzel.), and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to break it in. Noritama at first tried to swindle me out of my 250mil ransom offer by sending me 2.5 mil (twice actually) but finally figured out his decimal places and sent me the full amount. I followed with a further demand of 50mil for wasting my time and stringing me along.

I was just about to pop Noritama when I suddenly remembered the haiku! Luckily, I pulled DPS and secured the poem, which was even in Noritamas native Japanese language! With the ransom in my pocket and my haiku in the mail, I returned to savaging and popping the Navy Domi.

For your viewing pleasure, I also FRAPSed the whole thing, so please enjoy the second in line of the “Project: Cruiser” series below:



Today, thanks to the grossly inflated costs of PLEX, I sold mine for a tasty 520 mil. With the combined ransoms and loot of 320 mil, that puts this as an 840 million isk kill; Bashō would be proud.

Many thanks to Arienne for the fun contest, and of course to our budding poet Noritama; don’t be sad, be the jumping frog.




~ by Aiden Mourn on November 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “The 840 Million isk Haiku (Video)”

  1. I was so close to beating you, i spent an hour explaining to a german guy what a haiku was and how to write one through the marvel of google translate 😛

  2. Remind me never ever to trust you if i have the misfortune to see you a stealing my tags while in my ISK grinder 2000. provided i’m stupid enough to shoot you.
    I would hate to be ransomed, demanded extra ransom, told to write a haiku, then popped…
    Meanwhile my ninja side salutes you. all hail the carebear puppeteer. 😀

  3. You’re so evil, I love it! 🙂

  4. A pirate dickhead is still a dickhead !

  5. This certainly made me laugh at 4am in the morning while servers are down and eating breakfast while watching this Video!

    Kudo’s ta ya for been so cunning as a Pirate for Ranson, then extorting more ISK, then a Haiku lol and then blowing up the person for more loot lol.

    Well done!

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