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Aiden Mourn > wtf, not a single shooter today
Aiden Mourn > balls
waagstrom > Well, you know why don’t you?
Aiden Mourn > insert dick/gay/bad-at-eve joke here?
waagstrom > well, those too. But also

Fair point.

One of the (scratch that: THE) biggest drawbacks to writing a blog about the fine art of fooling and tricking people into letting you remove their ship from around their pod is that sooner or later, they might actually read it and start to wise up. So, blogging about ninjaing and ganking mission runners involves a certain amount of, shall we say, decorum, or heavy-handed editing before being released to the community as fun entertainment. Remember when you could sit next to a mining op in an Orca, flip all the cans with a noob ship, and wait for every Hulk within 100km to aggress you before pooping out a Tengu? Yeah, that doesn’t happen much anymore.

The truth of the matter though is that for every trick you think you know about Ninja Salvaging and Ganking from reading this blog or its contemporaries, there are  10 more you don’t know, because we’ve learned to shut our big mouths about them. Turns out, you can delight and entertain the masses with hilarious stories of loss and their accompanying tears without drawing out a “and this is how I did it!” flow-chart, and the world keeps on spinning.

For instance, you might think you’re pretty smart because you’ve figured out how to use an Orca (side note: good luck with that post-Crucible, but more on that later), or you’ve figured out sneaky fits by perusing the odd lossmail. But, what about the tricks you don’t know about? Like how I know how to warp my Logi alt directly into the 4th room of your mission? Or how to keep you pinned in space without a warp disruptor? Or even how to kill you again 5 hours after killing you the first time, all using legitimate game mechanics? “Is he serious?” “Can he actually do that??” Who knows! Smoke and mirrors my friends, but the point is, I’m not going to post the how-to on a highway billboard.

At the end of the day though, we blog about our antics in-game, whether they be ninja salvaging, or low-sec piracy, or null-sec politics because we like doing it. We enjoy writing about and sharing what it is we love about this game, which is why we take the nerd-age up to eleven by maintaining long-standing blogs about internet spaceships.

Because of my particular niche in Eve, a while ago, I started up the Official Ninja Blog Pack. Mimicking then-blogpack-curator Crazy Kinux’s “Eve Blog Pack” template, I decided that blogs dedicated to the fine art of griefing and pestering needed some sort of anchor to all connect to, and the Ninja Blog Pack aims to do just that; give you, the reader, a centralized list of all things teary-eyed and hilarious as they pertain to ninja salvaging and griefing in Eve.

The list below (and on the side-bar to your right) is now the fully up-to-date Ninja Blog Pack list. Some of these are HIGHLY inactive, yet I’ve included them just the same as either fantastic references and guides or for awesome stories from Ninja lore. Unfortunately, since the last NBP update, we’ve lost a few truly high-quality blogs to the demise of, which is a shame. Thankfully though, I’ve added two new fresh and quite honestly incredible Ninja blogs to the pack, and I highly endorse reading both Don’t Shoot! by qu1ckkkk, as well as Mobile Party Inc. by TEARS’s newest member corp, Mobile Party Inc.

As a note, I’ve added an X next to those blogs I consider to be rampantly inactive (more than 3 months), yet still quality blogs that should be kept for posterity.

The Ninja Blog Pack:


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As aways, if you are the author of an Eve Online ninja salvaging or griefing blog and would like to be included in the Ninja Blog Pack, shoot me an evemail in-game and let me know.



~ by Aiden Mourn on December 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Ninja Blog Pack – Updates”

  1. Is there a consolidated RSS feed somewhere? I seem to be not seeing one, I may be blind though ^^

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Aiden!
    We Mobile Party Incorporated members are pleased to be in the pack.

    Party Grrrl

  3. Great to collection you have here 😛 A consolidated RSS would rock!

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