Aiden Mourn Turns Pr0

I’ve never put much time into this blog talking about my own personal skillpoints or skillpoint-related “milestones”. While I do enjoy reading about other people reaching their own training goals, I also think a lot of blogging-types occasionally go overboard with the “so here’s what I’m training!” posts, which (pro-tip) get extremely boring for pretty much everyone but themselves quite quickly.

The other night though, I logged in to find that, in addition to finishing Caldari Cruiser V, my total skillpoints were now resting comfortably at 50,120,930. Again, though I’m not one for touting skillpoint milestones, I find myself forced to make an exception here, because damn if there isn’t a pretty good feeling that comes with crossing 50 million SPs. I suppose this makes me totally pr0-sauce now.

I can distinctly remember reading a post on Mynxee’s now-retired Life In Low-sec blog (we misses you) back when I had first started my own foray into the fine art of blogging about internet spaceships, where she wrote about crossing the 50 mil mark and me just being in total awe at how insanely high that was. To me back then, 50 million SPs was practically end-game stuff to me; the accomplishment of tried and proven veterans and masters of Eve. Now, here I am 2 or so years later crossing that mark myself and still feeling like I’m absolutely terrible at this game. However, what I can tell you though is 42 million SPs later? I’ve made peace with that ;).

Having finished Caldari Cruiser V, I’m currently in the midst of now training Caldari Strategic Cruiser I, which means I can now fly every t1, t2 and t3 cruiser in the game (and all the accompanying t2 fits I might add); another pretty nice feeling milestone.

So where to go from here? I’m honestly not sure. I’ve though of maxing out missile skills or going for all t2 large weaponry (though I’m not really a fan of BSs). There’s also a small part of me that wants to start shooting for caps, with an aim for triage carrier, but I’m not entirely sure how useful that would be for a guy who spends his time terrorizing high-sec.

So, that’s it for “Aiden discusses his uber-leet skillz” posts on Finders & Keepers, at least until the 100mil mark. For right now though, 50 mil is feeling pretty damn good.


~ by Aiden Mourn on January 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Aiden Mourn Turns Pr0”

  1. Congrats. Ripard’s getting close to 75 right now, and can fly nearly every (armed) subcap in the game. After he can do that, I might slow or stop his training to keep med clones from being too expensive. Though I’ve got several months before that happens. He doesn’t need a carrier but if dreads get another buff, I might get him one of those.

  2. I too have crossed the 50mil mark with this toon. I agree its cool.
    I also agree maxing all BS is not necessary, 2 is good enough. The 1 being Minmitar. Maxing large projectiles is a must. 2 turret weapons systems is enough.
    Maxing missiles is good. Max drones if you go Carrier. Max EW is not bad either.
    My 2 cents.

  3. My character has a lowly 15 million or thereabouts, so yeah 50m seems way away .

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