F*ck The Police: TEARS vs. CONCORD – Raw Numbers

Numbers are hip right now. If you follow CCP Diagoras on Twitter, you’ll have noticed he’s been dropping all sorts of fun Eve-related numbers and statistics recently, such as which t2 frigates are destroyed the most (Manticores; chalk me up for like 10) and how many offline towers are floating around New Eden (amusingly enough, there are literally OVER 9,000). Yesterday, Diagoras released a new Dev Blog “Capsuleers Keeping Concord Busy”, in which he gives raw statistics in Eve as they pertain to death by CONCORD.

What really caught my eye though in this newest numbers-themed dev blog was this:

“The alliances who have lost the most ships to CONCORD/sentries and the number of unique ship losers (different members of that alliance who lost ships)”

While its true that “ships lost to CONCORD/sentries” can encompass “stupidly engaging on station” or trying to make a run through high sec with outlaw status, to me there’s a strong correlation to suicide ganking. You admittedly might not be as excited as me about it, but you might notice that TEARS placed 3rd in number of CONCORD ship losses in 2011, right behind Goonswarm and TEST. Here’s the kicker: with respect, Goons and TEST are 1000+ person alliances; the vast majority of our losses to CONCORD are from our suicide corp Suddenly Violence: a 40 man corporation.

If you look at CCPs numbers, closely matched for second and first place were TEST and Goons, with 3,489 CONCORD losses from 969 unique losers and 3,602 losses from 832 pilots, respectively. TEARS lost 2,551 ships to CONCORD from 145 unique losers, and that, ladies and gents, is the kind of efficiency that would make a Chinese sweat shop envious.

Again, I realize that number of losses to CONCORD do not directly correlate to “number of successful suicide ganks” or even attempted suicide ganks for that matter; there are definitely other ways of getting your ship blowed up by CONCORD. But forcing that correlation are certain notable events of 2011, making the numbers for those top 3 alliances most likely from suicide ganking; Goons and TEST losses coming from the ice interdiction, and TEARS’ from the general high sec anarchy of Suddenly Violence and December’s new pod-mail-inspired holocaust.

This leads me to a somewhat overdue congratulation to my good friend S1r DigbyChickenCaesar (who has recently broken my heart by deciding to join some stupid corp that isn’t SN, but I digress). In 2011, some 25-odd active pilots in Suddenly Violence suicide ganked around 2,400 ships and pods. Over December alone, we squished 336 pods in high sec, 60 of which (including over 4 bil in implants) were the handiwork of Digby, who incidentally waltzed his way to top place in Toterra’s pod-ageddon contest over at Scram Web. You my friend, are one stone cold motherfucker.

And now? We’re only 20 days into 2012 and we’ve already racked up 390 suicide ganks, so the future is looking splendid. Stay tuned.



~ by Aiden Mourn on January 20, 2012.

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