Eve Is Hilarious Pt. 398119205

A standing ovation goes out to SN member Paul Tagg tonight for not only cleaning out the corporate hanger of Suddenly Ninjas’ current war targets, but filling every single one of them with an array of tasteful yet amusing bookmarks.


taken from TriMark alliance chat:

Heba Salim > how do you tank a retriver?
Conrad Jet > fit some shield rigs a shield extender and pray
Conrad Jet > that concord get them b4 they get u
Conrad Jet > but all the missions u do for corps help with that
Conrad Jet > the higher your security standing the faster concord arrive on the scene
Conrad Jet > at 0 they finish thier coffee b4 coming towards 5 they come in the night clothes

TriMark, its been…educational; you stay classy now.



~ by Aiden Mourn on April 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Eve Is Hilarious Pt. 398119205”

  1. What do the other bookmarks say?

  2. They all say the exact same thing,

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