Incursion Tears: Welcome Back Mission Runners

I meant to gleefully address this before the patch, but seeing the amount of tears POST release, it just seems so much better now.

Welcome back mission runners; we missed you.

When CCP Affinity released this dev blog concerning the “re-balancing” of incursions, he, predictably, triggered a veritable shit-storm on the forums (and further cemented my suspicions of Affinity’s, er, affinity for garnering tears from Eve players). Every pasty, bleary-eyed, carpel-tunnel-wristed little Incursion grinder in Eve seemed to come out of the woodwork and complain about what they viewed as an unfair nerf to their income. Of course, that was nothing compared to the amazingly blunt patch-day tears so gloriously posted on Reddit/Eve: “Incursions are a fucking waste of time now, good job CCP you fucking assholes

I have an alt that I’ve occasionally used to grind some incursions with. Why? Because despite claims to the contrary, Incursions ARE an isk faucet (also because “know thy enemy”). If you have a free afternoon and feel like making half a billion isk in 5 hours while your eyes bleed, by all means, go join an Incursion fleet. Pre-patch-nerf, Incursions were absurdly easy, with predictable waves, simplistic AI, and repetitive enough that in time, people knew exactly how large a fleet and exactly what ship to fly in order to simply blitz them as fast as possible. I haven’t actually tried one since the Escalation patch, but I’m willing to bet that they’re STILL absurdly easy, they just pay more in tune to what high-sec PvE should be paying now.

Here’s the fun part though: spend 5 minutes in one of the Incursion public channels, and you’ll see that this faucet comes complete with a fully functioning drain. Whats amusing to me, is that most Incursion runners simply spend their easy money almost as fast as they get it; no one is taking this massive isk income and investing or putting it in the bank.  Again, spend 5 minutes talking to this particular breed of carebear, and you’ll find that most Incursion runners spend that cash on hugely expensive officer mods, implants, Carrier alts they’ll never use because they’re always in high-sec running Incursions, and all sorts of other shinys.

What most have pretty quickly learned to do in fact, is channel that Incursion cash back into their Incursion ships, a practice that seems to be voraciously encouraged by the community, and one that continues to amuse me. As I mentioned before, Incursions are stupidly easy; the waves can be predicted with your eyes closed, and if you’ve got halfway decent Logi pilots in your fleet, you could almost afk through them. The practice of “building up” or “pimping out” your Incursion ship is a notion that amuses me, because it is in effect the practice of carebears trying to one-up each other. Its not as if getting that faction hardener or those officer guns are necessary to run actually run the Incursion site; what this escalation of “how much isk have you sunk into your Incursion ship” really highlights is peoples willingness to spend money in order to beat each other, not the Sansha rats. The major competition in Incursions isn’t getting through the site, its getting through the site before the other guys do. Its a vicious cycle, where carebears blindly grind through vanguards for cash that they will then spend on being able to grind through more vanguards faster than the other guys. To me, this escalation its almost a perfect amalgamation of PvP and market PvP; a sort of competitive “non-pvp” where everybody is a loser, and I can tell you, there’s nothing quite like standing on the sidelines with a bag of popcorn watching bears go at each other.

As you may have noticed, when Incursions came out, mission running stagnated; and why wouldn’t they? Incursions were new, different, and payed WAY more money. As they got more popular and people figured out how to blitz them, they were then faster AND more rewarding than running level 4s. So now that Incursions are slower and pay less money, will we see a return to mission running? Who knows, but I’ve personally got daydreams of recently jilted bears in gold-dipped PvE ships coming back to the world of missions with a chip on their shoulder and itchy trigger fingers…



P.s. Now, if someone more in tune with economic trends could explain to me why everything in Eve costs twice as much as it did 2 months ago…

~ by Aiden Mourn on April 30, 2012.

11 Responses to “Incursion Tears: Welcome Back Mission Runners”

  1. CCP removed the mineral drops from drones and gave them bounties. They also removed meta0 drops from wrecks so they are player built only, another loss of a mineral source from bears who would refine the drops from missions/etc. As a result mins have jumped way up in price which is affecting the cost of everything else.

  2. RE: your P.S. Thinks are twice as expensive for two reasons. 1) They removed drone alloys, meta 0 drops and Amarr tags from the equation so people have to actually mine again to get minerals. 2) Mittans declared a Technetium Cartel and that is causing shortages of T2 tech across New Eden. There are tears everywhere over all this! *LOL*

  3. Three reasons:

    First, CCP Skreegs and his group has been quite effective in eliminating bots out of Eve.. a significant portion of those were producing minerals for the markets.. either by mining or by refining Meta 0 items.

    Second, Drones no longer drop drone goo. It has been completely eliminiated, and as such, the minerals from those have dried up.

    Third, NPCs no longer drop Meta 0 items. Meta 0 items have become a source of minerals as well when reprocessed, and because of their elimination, the market no longer has those minerals either. Meta 0 items have been since replaced by Scrap Metals, which give a small dose of trit.. but nothing else.

    Since you have three sources of building materials completely eliminated, or substantially reduced, then prices will shoot up. I think it will start to slowly go down.. but not for a while.

    In the meantime, roll a miner. That’s what I did! Cuz basic mining is now profitable again!

  4. Just a quick note: CCP Affinity is a she.

  5. A pirating we go…

  6. everything costs twice as much because CCP removed drone alloys from the game, made rats stop dropping meta-0 mods, and banned a fuckton of bots. all of which made minerals prices spike hard.

    and it’s only going to get worse; this weekend, goons burned jita to the ground. we killed something like 7000 ships in three days, including more freighters and jump freighters than died in jita in the entire year (53 freighters and 12 JFs, i believe), and now mittens is bankrolling hulkageddon 5. everyone gets 100M for every ten hulks / macks they kill.

    and he’s got together with some other nullsec leaders and established a tech cartel. they will be trying to drive the price as high as possible before CCP panics and fixes the bottleneck. expect t2 ships and mods to hit something like 500% of current value before it gets unfucked. if it gets unfucked. you’re welcome. :evilgrin:

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  8. Sorry Aiden, I agree more with Jester (

    Mission running is still less ISK than Incursions (unless someone shows me otherwise); and mining suddenly looks interesting to nullsec guys b/c of the huge bump in mineral prices.

    Incursions actually encourage people to play as a team and cooperate. People enjoy that. They are not going to enjoy going back to solo blitzing L4 missions. The convo on Incursion fleets is a huge draw as I saw when I tried.

  9. […] is going to be superior to missioning for a while.  That’s why Aiden Mourn thinking that incursion-runners are going to go back to missions is ridiculous.  I’ve heard from more incursion runners that are just unsubbing rather […]

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