The Brutus Project: Stab A Corpmate In the Back For Isk

About a year and a half ago on this blog, I wrote a post asking readers to send in any intel they might have on extremely high-value highsec targets with a chance of reward should that intel play out as profit. This blog was still in its infancy, but after the post was picked up by the kids over at the Eve Commune Podcast, the response was well, huge.

To this day (almost literally, I received a submission a week ago on this), I still find my inbox blinking with new targets of interest from friends, fans, random strangers, or budding assholes who’re willing to sell out their corpmate for a buck, and all I can say in response is thank you. Since I wrote the original post, Suddenly Ninjas and its various alts and allies have destroyed close to 100 bil isk in shiny ships and mods from targets YOU pointed us towards, so a huge thanks to those who sent us information. Those who’s intel resulted in profit received 10% of any monetary gain recovered from a gank or theft.

I’m bringing this up because here today, on Eve’s 9th birthday, I’d like to send out the request and the offer for reward a-new; here’s the deal:

What I’m looking for are extremely high-value targets of interest; a mission runner flying a 7bil isk Kronos, a guy that likes to afk off-station in an officer-fit Tengu, or a corp that likes to keep shiny or Capital ships just lying around their POS. You give me information on such a target that ends up paying out, and you’re going to receive 15% of any profits made. For example, your alt is in a mission running corp and with sort of a bigmouth who likes to grind level 4’s in a Navy Megathron pimped out with Tuvan’s Modified Blasters and x-type armor reppers. You pass me info on the character, corp, fit, and typical schedule and let me do the rest, and 3 weeks later, that guy is screaming in corp chat about losing his precious shiny. Loot recovered from the attack totals 5 billion isk; you walk away totally in the clear with a cool 750mil isk in your pocket. Sounds pretty good right?

Here’s what I’m not looking for:

“ohai, this guy I scanned while AP-ing through Sivala had a Imperial Navy EANM on his Megathron. I think. Or it could have been a regular EANM. Also, I forgot his name.”

Terrible. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and no cookie for you. On the flip side of things though:

“I work with this guy ***** in RL, and I know he flies an officer-fit Machariel fitted with blah blah and blah for level 4’s around ****, and he’s in ***** corp, mostly east-coast US-TZ”.

Amazing. You sir, stand a very good chance of winning a cookie.

Before, I was calling this idea “The Bling Squad” which puzzlingly, sounded cool to me back then. Updated, I’m now calling it “The Brutus Project” (“et tu, Brute?”); I think its got a nice ring to it. You can send intel to me via in-game evemail (Aiden Mourn).

So remember, that dickhead in your corp with the silly expensive Rattlesnake thinks he’s better than you. He also thinks you’re his friend; here’s your chance to cash in on that.


~ by Aiden Mourn on May 6, 2012.

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