Updates: The Brutus Project Stabs its First Back


No, I’m not dead, just in the purgatory that is applying to graduate school. If you’ve never had the pleasure of applying to a post-undergraduate program, go find yourself a nice sunny spot, grab a magnifying glass, and hold it between the direct sunlight and the back of your hand; its a very similar experience. On a related note, if anyone would care to loan me $41,000, or 1.1 trillion isk, you would have my gratitude.

For those anxiously awaiting a “Nullsec Diaries Part II” post, I’m afraid to say, its been scrapped. I did spend a few more days terrorizing Space Monkeys Alliance down in their home system and attempting to bomb them on the undock of their own station to mixed result, but after a few fun kills which quickly escalated to SMA undocking Carriers every time I popped a hauler, I started to grow a little restless. Emboldened by my string of cheap kills, slightly space crazy, and with Edward James Olmos mutter hard-ass lines in my ear like “you don’t have the fracking guts!” from the BSG I was watching on another screeen, I decided to engage a Hurricane.

Apparently, engaging an autocannon-fit armor ‘cane on the undock of his own station in a Stealth Bomber is a a great way to get curb-stomped. I also managed to somehow get on my own kill-mail, which results in my being bestowed the honorary “Just Dooby It” award for managing to bomb myself (named after marginally famous now ex-ninja Mr Dooby and his propensity for killing himself…but thats another blog post altogether). As a hilarious parting shot from beyond the grave though, amongst the wreckage of my bomber was a corpse I’d found a few days prior, belonging to the Hurricane pilot; mindfuck hits target for full damage.

I ended up bringing another bomber down to SMA space, but quickly grew bored: nullsec, you tease.

So although I’ve been seemingly out of game a bit more than usual lately, I’ve not been entirely removed from Eve; there are a few schemes in the works that I’ll be writing more about later. Also, The Brutus Projet (you haven’t forgot about The Brutus Project now, have you?) had its first back-stabbing, face-exploding success last week. A director of a certain mid-sized mission running corp around the Amarr area decided he was fed up with the trolling and general bullshit of a certain member, and decided to humble him by admitting an agent of The Brutus Project into corp. Said agent joined the target dipshit in a mission and proceeded to evaporate his extremely shiny mission Tengu. Profit from the drop was a whopping 3.9 billion isk, with a 15% fee of 585 mil isk going to the director responsible for the back-stabbing. Remember kids, you too can make passive income by selling out your corpmates to The Brutus Project! Efficient, anonymous, and hilarious, TBP is here for all your covert AWOXing needs. Read more here.



~ by Aiden Mourn on June 23, 2012.

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