Selfishly Altruistic

I started Eve about 3 1/2 years ago with one account. Like many a young noobin, once I figured out that you could clone the game client to run multiple at once (pre-launcher), I gleefully plotted out skill queues for the two other slots on my account that I would now actively play in conjunction with.


Of course I very quickly realized that CCP was much more business savvy than I’d originally given them credit for, and I learned to swallow that red pill that we all eventually do: that alt accounts are almost as much a part of Eve as undocking. Sure, you can absolutely play and enjoy this game with a single account, and many people do. But the nature of the beast is simply that alts make the world go ’round, and your Eve experience will magnify exponentially once you go down that secondary or tertiary account rabbit hole.

To me, the choice was an easy one; there were things I wanted to do in eve that simply required two pilots, and it wasn’t long after I started playing that the orca was released with it’s obvious application to ninjaing. I’d also started playing Eve in part due to the infamous Eurogamer article on the GHSC heist, and I of course wanted to get in on some spying and thieving. It wasn’t long before I had my second account.

Over time since then, I’ve slowly added a few more accounts to my roster. At this point, I’m at 4 with about 10 active characters. Some are merely placeholders, some are actively spying and gleaning information from alliance forums. They are boosters, scanners, scammers, haulers, AWOXers, thieves, and one that is inexplicably mining director of the corp he’s currently infiltrating despite only having mining level 3. I am in small corps and major alliances, including both sides of the upcoming Delve battleground, and though they don’t know it, I can call 3 prominent Eve Blog Pack members corpmates.

Though I’ve amassed my billions in game, I prefer to spend that on shinys rather than PLEX, and as such, I choose to pay for Eve with real life currency. To me, the money I spend monthly is perfectly reasonable for what I consider an active and enjoyed hobby. I’m an adult who works full time (currently slightly too full time); it’s no more than going out and having a few drinks, and it’s certainly cheaper than a lot of other hobbies and habits. I started this game around the same time that I ended my career as a pack-a-day smoker of 7 years. Call it trading vices, but believe me, Eve is a much better way to spend that money.

I bring this up because apparently CCP thinks yours truly is awesome enough to warrant a free media account for the next year; I must say, I’m inclined to agree with them. The question I have now is, do I use this little gift to play one of my existing accounts free of charge for the next year, or do I go buck wild and get another account altogether. I freely admit that four accounts is probably overkill, and more than a little ridiculous, so in saying that, I’d probably never get a 5th unless it was either free or on someone else’s dime; enter the free media account.

So, what do you think?


~ by Aiden Mourn on June 30, 2012.

12 Responses to “Selfishly Altruistic”

  1. Use it to pay for one of your four current accounts. It is not like you can run more then two or three clients at once on a single computer any more so a fifth account would be totally superfluous.

  2. I think you should snag a new acct and try for a challenge. Such as : moving right to null with it. Or trying to see how far you can trade that originall 5k isk up to $x isk in the year, etc.

  3. Reblogged this on Diary of a Garbageman and commented:
    I have to say the idea of a media acct is cool. But this spawned an idea in my head about a challenge.

    How is life in null for a new char right away? Or how far can that first bit of isk trade in a year’s time? Etc…


  4. What is a free media account? CCP is giving you a free account … for?

  5. Congrats. I can struggle to find the time to keep on top of three accounts, so hats off to you to manage 4 that are involved in espionage and other nefarious activities.

  6. I think you should decline their offer on account of the fact it’d ruin your reputation as a roguish fly-by-night who answers to no-one. Can you imagine the water-cooler gossip;

    “Do you remember Aiden Mourn before he sold out and you could trust him to be untrustworthy? Now he’s just a corporate media drone. He’s practically been gagged.”

    “I know, I heard he has to do community service and help out in the rookie channel and that he’s not allowed to steal stuff from them.”

    “Apparently, he’s been restricted to writing about fluffy unicorn babies and rainbow kittens. It’s a shame. I used to respect him.”

    I, on the other hand, would bite their hand off. But then I’m not THE Aiden Mourn.


  7. As I understand it, the free media account isn’t transferable. I’m not sure whether that just applies within a given 12 month period or whether it’s true for life, but to be safe you might want to stick with an account that you intend to keep active long term.

  8. Hm, so the question is: Waste it on a fifth account you cannot use due to :RL: anyway, OR use it on one of the four you have to make “skill-training-online” less expensive? Tough question…


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