The Ring of Fire Project: Video & Soundtrack

One of my favorite parts of Eve Online is the community that surrounds it; I know that sounds somewhat cheesy, but the reality is, this game would not be what it is without it. The blogs, the community threads, the tweetfleet; these are all a gigantic part of why I play this game.

Recently, the infamous Rixx Javix of Eveoganda fame started another of his Eve community crusades. In the aftermath of the tragic death of Sean “VileRat” Smith, there was a number of thoughts from the community as how best to remember Sean in-game; placing his Titan in highsec as a monument, naming a system after him, etc. Rixx however stepped forward and pointed out that though “we are immortals” in the world of Eve, we are in fact, very mortal, and we will all eventually leave all of this behind. His idea, “inspired by one, in memory of all”, centers around the creation of an in-game celestial anomaly, “The Ring of Fire”, and if you haven’t read about it and given it your thumbs up, check out the forum thread here: .

Being a film-based composer in real life, and knowing what an incredible artist Rixx is, my first thought was “wow, this could make a pretty awesome video if we collaborated!”. I even began tinkering with the idea of reworking the Johnny Cash song that shares a name with this project for use with it. Rixx however beat me to the punch and put out a sort of “teaser-style” video in support of the idea, and it even featured a cover of “Ring of Fire”; great minds think alike it would seem.

I contacted Rixx anyways though, and shared my ideas of a dark and dramatic themed video, with a haunting orchestral scored version of Cash’s song as its backdrop. Rixx jumped on board with the idea, and I set about writing the score for what I am now pleased to present to you as the “Ring of Fire” promotional video below:

I tip my hat to Rixx for a beautiful backdrop to the music, for coming up with this awesome idea in the first place, and for the opportunity to collaborate on a really fun project. Again, if you haven’t been to the eve-o forum page yet to check it out, you should do so.


edit: Soundtrack is also now available on soundcloud:

~ by Aiden Mourn on October 1, 2012.

One Response to “The Ring of Fire Project: Video & Soundtrack”

  1. It is an amazing and inspirational rendition my friend, thank you for sharing it with me and with all of us. I only hope that this effort results in some movement towards an in-game memorial for the fallen. Whatever form that ultimately takes, at least we created something truly beautiful ( in my humble opinion ). Keep the courage.

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