Recording: Crimewatch Discussion with Aiden and Hans

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on my first Eve podcast as a guest on Podside Ep 43. I, along with the awesome Secretary of Vice himself Hans Jagerblitzen, and the equally awesome (yet disappointingly not actually Cajun) Mike Azariah, were brought on to discuss Crimewatch and the upcoming changes to it.

The recording below is my edited version of the whole broadcast, which is well over 2 hours. I’ve cut out the first 45 minutes or so in which Hans and I fell asleep while the null-sec dudes talked about….I have no idea (“SMA? Ship maintenance array?” “I think they’re talking about monkeys in nullsec” “wtf?” “yeah lets drink more beer”), another bit in the middle where we got sidetracked by the hilarious mining Titan killmail, and the last 45 minute or so which was about Dust 514, leaving this cut as the full conversation around Crimewatch. The original full recording is available for listening and download here:,page3743.html

The real gooey Aiden center starts at about the 7 minute mark, discussing CW1 and the segue into CW2, dirty ninja secrets, and the future of aggression and conflict in Eve.

It was a pleasure to meet Hans and Mike for the first time and talking all this out with them, and many thanks to my bud Placid09, FrFrmPukin, and the other hosts for having me on; I had a great time gents.



~ by Aiden Mourn on October 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Recording: Crimewatch Discussion with Aiden and Hans”

  1. Feels good to finally spill the beans on aggro extension, doesn’t it 😀

  2. New carebear career – can theft As a jetcan miner, I’m not really equipped to have everyone shooting at me. So double flipped, I have to abandon it.
    No point in using a stabbed hauler to grab some back.

  3. I am almost disappointed that I did the Cajun accent before they started recording. It was great being on the cast with you


  4. Couldn’t quite make it through the Null sec drama chat there at the first, but good to see I’m not the only one who thinks CW will be fun.

  5. […] out that PvP in Eve has never been more thriving or widespread, and as I mentioned in passing on a podcast a few months ago, a lot of these changes have blown the doors wide open for conflict […]

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