Still Got It

Like a fine wine I am…

Darinath > Howdy.
Ernok en Brauhn > sup
Darinath > Nada.
Ernok en Brauhn > careful…the Ninjas are hot here
Aiden Mourn > /emote blushes
Darinath > Well aware.
Aiden Mourn > oh my


Aiden Mourn > hes a good friend
5iddhartha > ill bet he is
Aiden Mourn > REAL good friend
5iddhartha > I dont judge
Aiden Mourn > well, glass houses and all that


5iddhartha > ohhh you have a blog
5iddhartha > this should be fun
Aiden Mourn > its mostly erotic poetry
Aiden Mourn > reader be warned
Aiden Mourn > if you like 50 shades of grey, you’re going to FLIP
5iddhartha > kind of funny really
5iddhartha > parts of your blog
Aiden Mourn > that…..that means so much to me
Aiden Mourn > thank you
5iddhartha > dont worry, Im pretty sure you were tryingto funny
Aiden Mourn > i mean I was *trying* for 50 shades of grey
Aiden Mourn > and thats what came out
5iddhartha > you can always write a new post
Aiden Mourn > no i mean the whole blog
5iddhartha > hoping for the Oprah bookclub endorsement?
Aiden Mourn > eh she gets a little touchy about “based on real events” type stuff

Yup, still got it.


~ by Aiden Mourn on December 6, 2012.

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