Every story needs a villain. Looking back over my somewhat spotted criminal history in the years I’ve been roaming New Eden, I realize that in fact, I have been that villain in many, many stories belonging to other people. However, in the self-constructed and totally ego-centric world that is this blog, I am in fact the hero of my own little story, even when I’m going out of my way to be villainous. In saying that though, I realzie that it has been quite some time since I had a proper villain. Lucky for all of us, I think thats about to change.

As odd as it may sound, given my chosen profession of stealing from, lying to, and murdering people in game, I’m actually a huge believer in karma. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the entirety of the notion, that every action has a re-action, and so on and so forth, but more-so the idea that fate, karma, the ripple-effect, or whatever you want to call it, has a very not-so-subtle way of coming back to bite you firmly in the ass.

As its a new year, and the work-load I had over the past few months is beginning to change, I jumped into Eve the other day to do some good ole-fashioned murderin and killin. Again, with the RL work I’ve been up to my neck in, I’ve really been out of the mission-runner hunting game for a lot longer than I’d like to admit, but today was a day to turn it all around. I opted in on a hunting fleet messing around in Eglennaert, and assisted with logi on a few kills by some corpmates, but was starting to get a little blue in the, uh….face, when it came to getting a little pew for myself.

As I was undocking from one of the stations in system, still flashing suspect, I got locked up by a Vexor who immediately engaged. Being out of practice, eager for some killin, and just plain stupid, I of course engaged an obvious bait; on station, while suspect flagged, without checking to see that he in fact had 10 corpmates in local. Yup, it was that kind of day.

Luckily, I’m a fast learner, and I quickly surmised that I was, scientifically speaking, fucked about a quarter second later when a Rupture, Imperial Slicer, and Talos undocked, followed closely by two Falcons and a Dominix; all the same corp. I got my pod out with a “gf” in local; well played sirs, well played.

The very next day, I was back in Eglennaert, snooping around for more trouble in a new Thorax. After a mixed-bag hour or so (during which time I did manage to melt this Brutix in under a minute), I found myself flashing suspect yellow face-to-face with a Maelstrom in a mission, who eagerly started targeting and burning towards me with drones out. I started to do my preemptive happy dance, grinning in my knowledge that this Maelstrom pilot had no idea how screwed he was about to be, when suddenly an Imperial Slicer warped in; spider-sense tingling.

I started to call for logi backup when right behind landed a Zealot, Talos, Vigilant, and Falcon. Again, quick situational awareness and years of honed professional experience told me that I was indeed about to be royally screwed, so I waved off my logi backup and tried an over-heated burn out of the situation. However, being already pointed by the Zealot and Slicer perma-jammed by the Falcon, and with pretty much zero transversal from the Talos, this story ended fairly quickly and predictably.

This time however, my pod was not so lucky, as a sudden attack of lag (coupled with a most likely sebo-ed Slicer) as I was spamming warp resulted in a very ill-timed client hiccup, and I found my pod pointed and quickly squished.

Indeed, those are the same guys from the day before; ladies and gentlemen, it looks like I’ve got myself a new pet project. I’ve decided that Piranha Enterprises is my new nemesis; not because of any hurt bottom, but because those fools know how to lay a good trap, and I can definitely respect that. And if I’m going to have a good villain to this story, it had better be a good one, and these guys seem like they’re up to the challenge (whether they know it or not!).

Gauntlet thrown gents, let the battle for Eglennaert begin.



~ by Aiden Mourn on January 9, 2013.

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  1. There goes the neighborhood…

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