Thursday Matinée: Everlasting II

Grab the popcorn and pop a beer, its time for another Thursday Matinée!

This weeks video comes from the great Kovorix; maker of fine Eve vids, fantastic PvPer, BFF to Kil2. “Everlasting II” is a collection of “pure solo” (no links, implants, or even scouts were harmed during the making of this film…) PvP at its finest.

Besides being almost professionally produced and having music you can actually listen to (note: speed metal makes your PvP video cool for all of 2 minutes, tops; Fred Durst makes it unwatchable. Real talk.), “Everlasting II” almost feels like a high-wire trapeze show with no net. Kovorix is master of the suspenseful “pull-back-from-2% structure-to-win” shot, as well as showcasing the kind of staggering multitasking abilities that truly highlights out-of vs in-game skills when it comes to piloting. Subtle commentary and jokes throughout the video keep things light enough that it never feels like this is someone cockily showing off their ridiculous internet spaceships skills, even though this is entirely someone cockily showing off their ridiculous internet spaceship skills. Also included are some totally awesome and unusual fits, including an active shield Cane (spoiler: there’s a reason this is a rare concept):

And just because, this week we’ll throw in a bonus double feature! “17 Days of Solitude” is another Kovorix production, this time featuring solo BS PvP footage shot over what one can only assume was seventeen days, in, yup, Solitude. Still, that title is catchy as all. Hilarious fit included in this one is the active shield Domi around the 8:30 mark that absolutely lays waste to a Drake gang; equally fun is the “Drake Kill Counter” maintained throughout the video.

Aaaannndd….there goes your afternoon. You’re welcome for that.


~ by Aiden Mourn on January 24, 2013.

One Response to “Thursday Matinée: Everlasting II”

  1. Meanie! Will all the videos flying around, I’ll never need to play again!

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