Thursday Matinée: Combat Covops

Ever meet someone who, without a shadow of doubt, has much, MUCH bigger testicles than you? I realize that’s an odd way to start a post, but bear with me.

In the comings and going of social exchanges and happenings, you will on occasion run in to individuals who operate on a whole different level than most risk-adverse and normally self-preservation-wired humans. Real-life example case-in-point: at a party not long ago, my fiance introduced me to her friends new boyfriend, who in his professional life is an underwater demolitions expert; I would like a word with my high-school guidance counselor.

Now I might not know exactly what his job entails, but I’ve seen enough Bruce Willis movies to have a pretty good handle on it, and I’m pretty sure it involves blowing shit up and probably killing rogue ex-KGB terrorists. This man is essentially a professional bad-ass, and if I wasn’t more than a little put off by his horrible taste in tattoos, aggressively bad social skills, and outright substance abuse problems, I’d probably want to be his friend.

Anyways, these people, those of the high-testosterone levels and lack of self-preservation, exist in Eve as well! Of course, in Eve as in RL, the difference between a bad-ass and a Leeroy is the outcome; win and you’re a hero, lose and you’re mocked into meme legend. In the case of today’s Thursday Matinée, Namamai, lord of the battle Covert Ops (thats right, I said battle Covert Ops), is unquestionably the former.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at this since I first saw this; unfortunately, post-Retribution frigate buffs have probably tanked your chances of actually pulling this off today. Just the same, this video cracks me up every time. I remember there being a longer version or a sequel out there to this, but that may just have to wait for another Thursday. Get that popcorn going and enjoy.


~ by Aiden Mourn on January 31, 2013.

One Response to “Thursday Matinée: Combat Covops”

  1. Actually, at least for the T1 versions it is just as possible to do.

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