Thursday Matinée: Killer Queen 2

As an offering to the glorious gods of Pew and the very soon-to-come changes to Battlecruisers, I thought I’d post this little homage to BC PvP; at least, the BCs we once knew.

Fmercury’s “Killer Queen 2” is rampant Battlecruiser carnage at its best (with the random totally baller SFI thrown in), and at least to me, is a great example of how we used to fly these ships. Things are going to get turned a little on-end come the newest tiercide patch; the noble ‘Cane comes off its throne as the undisputed king, and ships like the Cyclone and the Brutix are going to suddenly become AMAZING to fly.

Part 1 of KQ 2 is on Garmon’s youtube channel, but unfortunately, part 2 is nowhere to be found on the google-tubes. Fortunately, there’s a full-movie download available, which I’ll link below the movie. Enjoy!

Full Movie DL-link:


And, just because I can’t stop posting double features, this is Violatohr’s “Force of Nature 3”, featuring some pretty wild and savvy Cyclone piloting; old-school x-large shield booster style. Again, I cant wait to get into a Cyclone post-patch, but this is one is definitely a nod to those brave bastards who tried PvPing in them before; you guys are nuts.


Oh yeah, and happy Valentines Day kids (now put down the spaceships and take that special someone out).


~ by Aiden Mourn on February 14, 2013.

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