Thursday Matinée: Battle Rorqual

Yep, you read that correctly:

Back in the 80’s, there was an amusing trend of TV public service announcements done by celebrities who had been busted for drugs, who did the spots as community service over hard time; Burt Reynolds and an extremely sweaty and twitchy Judd Nelson put out one that convinced exactly zero kids to not try drugs. This video is a little like that.

Is it something to be watched over and over? Not unless you’re as high as Judd during the filming of that PSA, but just the same, this is one of those videos that just has to be watched, even if its just once or twice. Is this high-level PvP finery in all its shiny and epic greatness? Hardly (and lets be honest, if you came to this blog looking for “high-evel” and “finery”, you have been sorely misled), but for the sake of your Eve education, I suggest you crack a cold one and watch it.

Ripard Teg wrote about this pilot (well, a pilot flying the same gimmick; the video is ironically enough, of a Rote pilot) a little while ago, but then again, coming up with blog post topics that haven’t already been at least marginally covered by Ripard is a lesson in futility (“Simpson’s did it“) ;). Since his original post, Ela B has continued her bloody Capital Industrial rampage, and is now up 454 solo kills in a Rorqual; I approve. Actually, I know a guy who lost a Sabre to this Rorq pilot, and it seems the tactics haven’t changed much. Ela basically sits on the undock of a non kick-out station and plays dumb. Inevitably, as anyone would if they saw a Rorqual sitting outside the comforts of a POS shield, people pounce. With the giant buffer that comes stock with a Rorq, along with officer-fit webs, point, and a rack of heavy neuts, Ela can usually down 4-5 opponents before de-aggressing and docking up, which is hilarious.

So sit back, stay off the crack, and enjoy the flick.



~ by Aiden Mourn on February 28, 2013.

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