Omagous and The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day


Or: “How to lose 5.3 bil isk in 11 hours”

Today’s post comes from the front lines of the on-going slaughter of pretty much everything by my alliance, The Marmite Collective. I haven’t been logged in much with Aiden the past week or two, being preoccupied with some deep-cover shenanigans to be revealed soon, so unfortunately, this story does not directly involve me. Just the same, its a story that needs telling, and the way I see it, this is just the place to do so.

In The Marmite Collective, we’ve for a while now considered Darkspawn. to be probably the most hilariously bad isk-pinata of all of our 40 active wardecs. AFK Freighters, pimped-out mission runners, more pimped-out mission runners, and so goddamn many bad Tengus; Marmite has kept this dec active for something like 200 days purely on the comedy-kill and profit potential of killing these guys.

Tribal Band however, is seriously climbing the ranks, with stunning Darwinian attempts at one-upping Darkspawn’s efforts with some nice little gems of their own. Three words for you fellas: “active” “war” “dec”.

But this post is more focused that just the general logistical and situational failures of the above mentioned; today, as we’re wont to do on this particular blog, we’re going to focus on one specific pilot and his spectacular failures in lack-of situational awareness.

Enter: Omagous; member of The Flying Tigers, part of the Tribal Band Alliance, and someone who had a very, very bad day this week. Apparently tired of watching his alliance get cut down to size in stunningly terrible ways around him, Omagous decided to be the torch in the darkness, the good man to stand against tyranny, and to show these people that they don’t have to be scared of scum like Marmite Collective. Queuing up his Batman: Dark Knight Rises soundtrack, Omagous packed some extra faction mods into the hold of his already faction-fit Megathron Navy Issue and undocked, grim-faced and determined to clean up the streets once and for all.

Some of the worst ideas in the world have started with what probably seemed like a good one at first, and this day was no exception. As the old saying goes, even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong when you’re generally terrible at Eve; Omagous, swinging wildly, went down hard to one, lonely, ~400 dps Phobos.

Fast forward roughly 11 hours later. Refreshed after a long night of weeping into his pillow, Omagous decided to roll up his sleeves, shake off the loss, and get to work grinding some mission LPs for a new Navy Mega; and what better tool for the job than a 4.1 billion isk deadspace-fitted Nightmare? Jumping into a major tradehub system that is perpetually camped by blood-thirsy war targets, Omagous somehow managed to beat the odds, dodge his would-be attackers and safely dock up…only to then undock having secured his mission. Shaking off quizzical looks of disbelief, the aforementioned blood thirsty war targets quickly dog-piled and curb-stomped Omagous’s Nightmare. 5.3 bil later, Omagous decided to call it a day was completely broke, and went to go play a new game.

Eve, you never fail to deliver. Nice work guys.





~ by Aiden Mourn on March 7, 2013.

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