Wolf In the Flock: Day 3

Day 3: 875,031 skillpoints

Deciding to take a break from training full-throttle murdering skills, I’ve taken a moment to train Cybernetics and plug in some +3’s, as well as get to that pesky remap I’ve been meaning to get do; I can haz learns the skills now more better.

More on the training side of things: continuing in my progression since my last log, I have now moved on from my lowly Thorax and upgraded to a mean, green, sexy Talos; the large guns I’ll be able to fit in about 2 hours time.

Things have taken a…unexpected turn in my scheme, forcing me to go slightly more clandestine in these logs. Though I can’t elaborate quite yet, suffice it to say that an absurd amount of, shall we say misplaced trust has been bestowed on me by my current mark; like, a lot. Though I was born into this world to cause death, destruction, and basically the graphic parts of the book of Revelation upon the unsuspecting, this new plot twist is giving me pause.

Thought the scent of blood is there (we now have TWO Orcas, and one confirmed CNR in corp…), I must curb my craving for carnage and immediate gratification for the time being. The opportunity for far greater conquest, monetary gain, and utter morale destruction is far too great to go for the low hanging fruit. The seeds of the long-con have been sowed; now I must lie in wait, ensnaring trust, weaving webs of lies and deceit, murdering doubt in its sleep, and cackling fiendishly while I ruminate on my new master plan. Updates very, very soon.





~ by Aiden Mourn on March 20, 2013.

9 Responses to “Wolf In the Flock: Day 3”

  1. I have an alt that I specifically trained for corp infiltration and ship theft (he can fly everything sub-cap except T2 BS’s and some caps as well) but I keep thinking I need “more” and have delayed his deployment. Maybe it’s laziness on my part and not “need for skills”. This inspires me to take the plunge.

    • DO IT! I think I did the same thing for a long time; training alts up for very specific needs in order to infiltrate. At the end of the day, stupid is stupid, and lying about what you can do will get you everywhere. In terms of ship theft. If you can get access to ships, so can any of your other characters really.

      The whole point of me doing this project was to get a super low SP alt (/alts…might have a second pet project coming up soon!) in and able to wreck havoc even with his low SPs. It can definitely be done, trust me. At under a million SPs, my guy can now fly a 3397 volley, 650 DPS Talos; combine that with your main or someone else in a RR Scythe and you’re golden.

    • “Always bet on stupid”

  2. Keep us updated, we’re all waiting to hear about the tears

  3. Naw, you’re turning carebear. I can feel it. The love is seeping in to your black, black heart and changing you.

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