Thursday Matinée: Appreciation

Apparently, words been sneaking around on Eve Reddit that Prometheus Exenthal is possibly getting ready to release a new video by FanFest. So far, the only new clips on his youtube channel are DUST514 clips, which may very well be what the new video is (an interesting new frontier for those Eve vets possibly getting tired of making shapeship-bound PvP vids?).

Regardless, a new Prom video is like a new Tom Waits record; it really doesn’t matter what weird new direction it takes, you’re still going to buy it and love the shit out it no matter what because the artist behind it is incredible.

Purely because of this new Prometheus video rumor, today’s matinée is one Prom’s greatest: Appreciation. Not a lot to say about this except you owe it to yourself to kick back and watch it in its entirety. This video has everything in it, from Frigate duals to “Battleship vs entire overview” type brawls, and even some totally random use of ships you’d never expect to see in solo PvP (WTF Huginn?). Particularly, I’m always a fan of hot Astarte and Navy Vexor action, which are two of my favorite ships that I never ever fly.

Anyways, more real posts soon, but enjoy the pew pew for now.


~ by Aiden Mourn on March 21, 2013.

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