Wolf In the Flock: Day 4

Day 3: 1,041,528 skillpoints

Plans have been set and machinations have been started that cannot be stopped now. Like a clockmaker adding the last cogs to timepiece, the final motions have been delicately and masterfully put into play, and the countdown to D Day has begun.

Again, these logs must be intentionally clouded in vague half-truths and misdirection for the sake of my crusade and the completion of its mission. The wait is arduous, for I am not a patient person, and delayed gratification is…painful to say the least. Gleaming opportunities have come and gone that I have intentionally let slip through my clutches by sheer willpower alone; my eyes on the bigger goal waiting at the end.

Again, like a clock, everything must be handled with the utmost care and concentration, tweaked to perfection, and fit together perfectly; in tune to the click of a secondhand. In roughly one weeks time however, the clock will run out, the masterpiece will be revealed,  and the prize will be seized.


~ by Aiden Mourn on March 28, 2013.

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