Eve Is Hilarious Pt. 883011452

I saw this linked in-game somewhere a few days ago, yet couldn’t find a killmail or even a story about it anywhere else. After some hunting around though, it finally popped up: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=16965676 .

The story, which I only found by accident while on imgur/r/eve, was that this pilot decided to undock in a 0.5 system in a Rhea carrying a bunch of nitrogen isotopes, and then then go make a sandwich; or possibly 100 sandwiches. Regardless of the actual number of sandwiches made, Sohei allowed his Rhea to drift over 800 km off the undock, which, for a JF, I can only assume takes somewhere between forever and infinity. The drifting money-bag soon caught the attention of a mostly RvB (with a bunch of randoms) gang who decided to suicide gank it, seemingly quite literally in whatever they were flying at the time.

In addition to the 58 Destroyers on that KM, there’s also a total mixed bag of what looks like a pretty standard RvB fun fleet comp: Rifters, T1 Cruisers, some random noob ships, and even a Harby, as well as two totally baller suicide Stealth Bombers. In any case, the absurd plan works, and the 73-man group managed to bring down both the Rhea and the still-AFK Pod. Well played sirs; thanks for being insane enough to produce some comedy gold.


P.S. if anyone has the full story beyond what I’ve got here, let me know.

Edit: I’d originally mentioned the Rhea was carrying 20 billion in isotopes, based off the first km I saw. The km I linked, and apparently the other one once it api verified itself, says 20 million. Honestly, either way I’m still laughing 😉 .

~ by Aiden Mourn on March 29, 2013.

6 Responses to “Eve Is Hilarious Pt. 883011452”

  1. That’s only 20M in isotopes, nowhere near 20 Billion. You can tell by the number of digits.

  2. It was an RvB Ganked fleet that did it: http://mangala.rvbganked.co.uk/universal-remote/ Mangala’s write-up

  3. The killboard showed only 20M of Nitrogen Isotopes?

    • Derp, yep. Explained in the post edit: the first km I saw had 20 bil (or I’m just blind), but the one I linked, as well as the 1st one after it api-checked, has 20 mil. Fixed it, but thanks for the heads up ;).

  4. Basically, we were gathering a fleet up for our weekly nullsec Ganked roam, when we noticed the Rhea off-station some 700-800km, obviously afk. We reshipped from our RR Vexors to destroyers (and whatever else) and suicide ganked it just for the hilarity. We knew it was practically empty, it was just amusing!

  5. Yeah basically, I was moving my stuff to the kick off of our roam that evening, saw the guy, then came back and he was even further off station. Then started forming up for roam, then we decided to spam him with reps, and from there it was decided to suicide him. So we reshipped to mostly dessies (I was lazy and used a bomber I had locally) and well the rest is the killmail. Just did it for fun, we knew what was in his hold as we had scanned him.

    He did open rights on us all, but to date most of us have cleared those.

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