Good Guy Griefer


The other day, when a newer explorer to the dark side of Eve was worried about his ability to grief/ninja/murder people due to not being able to afford another account (and not wanting to burn a clean one he’d worked hard for), a vet of the ninjaing and scamming game stepped up to the plate big time. For the record, its things like this – utterly evil, scamming, scheming, backstabbing bad guys being magnanimously generous to help each other out – that make this my favorite community in Eve.

In related news, I’ve decided its time to get back to my roots, and so I’ve dusted off the ninjaing boats, gotten my Orca out of storage, and put on my sneaking shoes; tears inbound.



~ by Aiden Mourn on September 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Good Guy Griefer”

  1. Gogo Aiden bring the real ninja life back……

  2. Do you think ninjaing still worth it? Crimewatch mechanics and changes in mission rats AI put a dent on it. Does it worth to go through all that hassle only to get one more kill of shit-fit BS and, maybe, some tears?

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