CCP on Salvaging


CCP Dropbear: “One problematic thing about “generic” missions is how they effectively isolate the mission-runner from other players and provide few avenues for social interaction. If you’re wondering why sometimes epics send players to nullsec, lowsec, exploration sites…well, this is a big part of the reason why.”

Kahega Amelden: “Don’t worry, CCP. We here at Suddenly Ninjas™ are working hard to add social interaction to generic missions.”

CCP Dropbear: “And we love you (and others like you) for it! In some weird and wonderful way, groups like yours operate as flag bearers for the full EVE experience, and we wouldn’t want to change, or get in the way of that.

“Also, lol.”

CCP Mitnal: “Our policy on this is extremely clear…Salvaging is a mini-profession within EVE and does not constitute stealing” From here

GM Faolchu: “This is an intended game mechanic and is in no way an exploit”

Senior GM Ytterbium: “Players are still completely free to salvage other pilot wrecks at will…and doing so is not considered as an exploit”

CCP Prism X: “Before the salvage enters those containers [your cargo-hold/hanger] it is not considered your stuff by the server code. Hence it’s not stealing.”

2 Responses to “CCP on Salvaging”

  1. wreck loot should be the same

  2. this made my day 🙂

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