Fan-mail & Love Notes

JordanParey > you’re a dick
Aiden Mourn > i try
JordanParey > not only do you take the fun out of their gameplay, you get them to look retarded, lose sec status, ISK, AND take away the fun of making feeble attempts to insult out

Silvermoon Armanis > I understand. but remember how many corps, alliances may well have put you at -10 for it though?
Aiden Mourn > Thats kind of half the fun
Aiden Mourn > no, wait…scratch that. its a lot more like 95% of the fun

Silvermoon Armanis > and the other 5%?
Aiden Mourn > better make it 100%

Aiden Mourn > oops
Aiden Mourn > i did it again

Thania Veracruz > you did
Thania Veracruz > steal the loot

Aiden Mourn > so, that was your stuff then?
Aiden Mourn > sorry….this game is SO confusing sometimes

Thania Veracruz > you can keep it
Thania Veracruz > you deserve it
Thania Veracruz > you are really ninja

Aiden Mourn > So does this mean we’re friends now?
1Blutrausch > you salvaged, that’s stealing
Aiden Mourn > meeeh….thats sort of up for discussion
1Blutrausch > no, its not
Aiden Mourn > so what’re we doing now friend?
1Blutrausch > we’re not friends, now give me back my salvage

yorgon > you are a twat aiden
yorgon > and a noob

Aiden Mourn > =)

nominer01 > go search someone else to penetrate with ur small frig that looks like a double headed dick ^^

Questions? Comments? Concerns?


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One Response to “Fan-mail & Love Notes”

  1. I didn’t assume to get elected. But there is a bigger picture here –

    Click to access eve.pdf

    Somewhere later this year I’ll gewrite this in a less ‘brainstormed’ format.

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