SPOILER ALERT!! There is absolutely nothing of interest in the following post except the mockery and humiliation of two VERY stupid carebears that I was fortunate enough to meet today. A day in the life folks, just a day in the life.

RaithDaggos > hello?
Aiden Mourn > How come you went red to me?
RaithDaggos > i don’t know, how come you went red to me?
Aiden Mourn > I did?
RaithDaggos > yea
Aiden Mourn > so wierd
RaithDaggos > did you take from our wrecks?
Aiden Mourn > Yeah, so?
Aiden Mourn > Would that make me go red?

RaithDaggos > yea
Aiden Mourn > Learn something new every day i guess
RaithDaggos > yea, sure.
Aiden Mourn > you shot at me!
Minerva Miche’lla > yep
Aiden Mourn > I thought he was cool with me being there
Minerva Miche’lla > Your not a noob.
Aiden Mourn > I’m not?
Aiden Mourn > whats a noob?

Minerva Miche’lla > No. Your not. Stop playing stupid. Go away.
Aiden Mourn > I’ve already gone away
Aiden Mourn > cause you shot at me =(

Minerva Miche’lla > STAY away.
Aiden Mourn > I’d hate to make promises that i cant keep
Minerva Miche’lla > lol fine come back and see what happens

*Aggro has run out, so I came back in a t2 autocannon rifter (no salvagers…remember that part)

Minerva Miche’lla > I hate you.
Aiden Mourn > =)
Aiden Mourn > race you to the wrecks!
Aiden Mourn > Ok, popping them is cheating

Minerva Miche’lla > Go ahead, take something

*As both Minerva’s dessie and Raith’s drake have me targeted at optimal distances. Very sneaky fellas.

Aiden Mourn > i already did
Aiden Mourn > lots of things =)

Minerva Miche’lla > Take something from us. Your in a fighting ship right?
Aiden Mourn > no guns on it
Minerva Miche’lla > I see guns
Aiden Mourn > probably a glitch. Besides, as much fun as it might be for me to fight a dessie AND a drake…..
Aiden Mourn > thanks but no thanks

Minerva Miche’lla > Then why are you here?
Aiden Mourn > That, my friend, is a very good question
Minerva Miche’lla > *sigh* my friends going to drop you something so you can just leave. He’s acting like france.
Aiden Mourn > lol
Aiden Mourn > hes going to “drop me” something?
Aiden Mourn > so i can just take it?

Minerva Miche’lla > some tech something.
Minerva Miche’lla > Scourge tech 2

Aiden Mourn > lol, a WHOLE missile??
Aiden Mourn > wow!!!!

Aiden Mourn > and you promise you wont shoot at me?
Minerva Miche’lla > Sure. whatever. We just want you gone
Aiden Mourn > which is exactly why im not going anywhere
Aiden Mourn > =)
Aiden Mourn > comeon, did you REALLY think i was going to take from that can?

Minerva Miche’lla > No.
Aiden Mourn > well why are YOU guys still here
Aiden Mourn > ooooo another can
Aiden Mourn > lol, ANOTHER missile!
Aiden Mourn > Seriously though, why are you two still here?
Aiden Mourn > whats even left to take?
Aiden Mourn > why arent you salvaging?
Aiden Mourn > I mean this must be seriously cutting into your isk/hour ratio

Minerva Miche’lla > Cause thats what your here for. to steal our savlage
Aiden Mourn > does it look like im salvaging?
Minerva Miche’lla > FIne. Have it your way.
Aiden Mourn > ok

*predictably, they start torping the wrecks

Aiden Mourn > LOL
Aiden Mourn > why dont you just go into the next room and do your mission?
Aiden Mourn > does it look like i have a salvager on a rifter?

Minerva Miche’lla > Why do you think?
Aiden Mourn > Honestly, i think its because you two are some of the dumber carebears ive met in a while
Minerva Miche’lla > We both know you cant see a salvager. only in the fittings.
Aiden Mourn > lol
Aiden Mourn > but im just sitting here

Minerva Miche’lla > And i’ll be damned if you it our salvage.
Aiden Mourn > and you’d rather sit here with me than just going on into the next room, getting the bounties, and turning in the mission
Minerva Miche’lla > Yep.
Aiden Mourn > cry for me
Minerva Miche’lla > shut up
Aiden Mourn > yeaaaaaahhh…there we go. nice and salty
Aiden Mourn > so what happens after you use faction ammo to destroy every last wreck and jetcan in this room?

Minerva Miche’lla > We stay here until you leave
Minerva Miche’lla > I dont mind wasting my time to waste yours

Aiden Mourn > uh oh….someones got the sniffles!
Minerva Miche’lla >  did you really think we were just going to let you take our salvage?
Aiden Mourn > did you really think I was only here for your crappy salvage?
Minerva Miche’lla >  too bad you didnt get any. We’ll see to that
Aiden Mourn > Mmm…..so sweat and salty
Minerva Miche’lla > what?
Aiden Mourn > your delicious carebear tears
Minerva Miche’lla > lol I’m not crying
Aiden Mourn > num num num mm…
Minerva Miche’lla > Look I’m really not crying about it
Aiden Mourn > says minerva as he wipes his eyes with his sleeve
Minerva Miche’lla > We can stay here with you while you look at the spaces where the wrecks used to be, or you can go through the gate into the next room which is still full of npcs
Minerva Miche’lla >  and i hope you die
Aiden Mourn > OMG…YOU HOPE I DIE?!
Aiden Mourn > like, in real life?!?

Minerva Miche’lla > dude comon
Aiden Mourn > Is that a RL threat!?
Aiden Mourn > I smell a ban!

Minerva Miche’lla > wtf its a figure of speech…it obviously went over your head
Aiden Mourn > BAN!
Minerva Miche’lla > if you’re going to get all butt hurt because we denied you stealing our salvage you can run along
Aiden Mourn > what? you want to hurt my butt?
Aiden Mourn > man…you guys are messed up

Minerva Miche’lla > don’t be an idiot
Minerva Miche’lla > Well you don’t get any salvage
Minerva Miche’lla > Nice job….looks like that was really worth your time what with all that salvage in your pockets

Aiden Mourn > please dont stop
Minerva Miche’lla > stop what
Aiden Mourn > nom nom nom nom…mmmmmm
Minerva Miche’lla > look im NOT crying about it!
Minerva Miche’lla > you tried to steal our salvage, we denied you

Aiden Mourn > edit: i DID steal your salvage, you cried about it like a little girl, your nose ran, and you then you got snot on your sweater. All while i sat back with a grin on my face and laughed at you
Aiden Mourn > I also plan on posting this on my blog so as to mock you further
Minerva Miche’lla > you’re an asshole
Aiden Mourn > you’re a whiny crybaby
Minerva Miche’lla > I hate you
Aiden Mourn > I know =)
Minerva Miche’lla > well, be seeing you around
Aiden Mourn > count on it!

Editor’s note: after they warped off, I DID go through to the next room and made another 2 mil in bounties by popping npc frigates.

Ahhh….today was a good day =).



~ by Aiden Mourn on September 20, 2009.

One Response to “Tears”

  1. Aiden Mourn > please dont stop
    Minerva Miche’lla > stop what
    Aiden Mourn > nom nom nom nom…mmmmmm
    Minerva Miche’lla > look im NOT crying about it!

    That quote rocks. Great work.

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