Aiden's Saturday Night Ninja Salvage and Mayhem Op Pt. 2

Going forward with my intent to resuscitate the unholy and fun-filled tradition of The Ninja Salvage Op (see here for original post), and with a good amount of support from other guys in the corp, I led another hilarious and slightly intoxicated ninja-romp through Dodixie this Saturday night. A full 16 ninja’s were in participation this time for round 2 of Aiden’s Fun & Booze-Filled Saturday Night Salvage/Mayhem Op, which proved to be even more awesome than last Saturday’s. This Op was pure, unadulterated, Win. Just for fun (and because I know you’re dying to know), below is a highlights reel of sorts to fill you in on some of the good times:

  • *In one guy’s “Worlds Collide” mission, we found a Guristas Overseer, sitting alone amidst a full room of wrecks. When the word went out that overseers have a tendency to drop really, really expensive loot, we decided to pop it. Turns out, what they say about overseers is true, the thing dropped a Snake Epsilon implant, which added about 200-300 mil to the pile.
  • *Last Saturday, we were a little dismayed at the lack of mission runners foolish enough to shoot at ninjas. This time, they couldn’t get enough of us. Both myself and Scopique were shot at by a pair of spider-tanking Golems, however neither of us had nearly the amount of DPS nearby that we’d need to actually scratch one of those guys. Cyberin however, got lucky. In a separate WC mission, one Raven pilot decided that shooting at a room full of flashy red ninjas was a good idea. He also decided it was a good idea to STAY IN THE MISSION long enough for Cyberin to slow-boat his way through 2 gates and about 75 km in a Scorpion with no AB on it. With some bumping help from Kahega and MrAugie, Cyb pretty much melted this guy’s tank in seconds.
  • *Boomershoot truly takes the “booze-filled” part of “Aiden’s Fun and Booze-filled Sat. Night Salvage/Mayhem Op” to heart, and I for one, love him for it. But rather than turn into a complete mess, Boomer is somehow able to channel and focus his beer-fueled aggression and mischief into a constant tour-de-force in local chat. This guy’s epic innuendo-laced comments, trolling, and general harassment of Dodixie local went on for a solid 2 hours, all WHILE salvaging. It also deserves mention that Boomers the one who brought the overseer to our attention.
  • *Two cans found in separate mission-spaces: 1.) “For Ninja’s”. Note the mission runner’s choice to use the possessive rather than the plural form of “ninja”… The can was filled with cap boosters however, so a big “hey thanks for nothing ass” to that future Fulbright scholar. 2.) “Used Butt Plug”. Oddly, this turned out to be full of 7 crappy large armor reppers, so again a big thanks for nothing, although kudos on giving us some very odd results on d-scan

Again, our ninja-antics basically shut down Dodixie as a mission hub after about 4 1/2 hrs of swarming every mission we could find, and the tears ran like wine (three cheers for the guy who started shooting his own corp-mate’s t2 drones rather than let us get our mitts on them!). I’ve decided that unless otherwise stated, I’ll be running this Salvage Op every Saturday night at around 5:30 pm est. If you’re not already in Suddenly Ninjas and all of the above sounds either awesome, exciting, more than slightly tempting, absolutely hilarious, or all of the above, send me an evemail in-game and arrangements could be made to have you as a guest on the next one. I grantee you’ll have a great time.



P.S. It deserves mention that the total haul for this Saturday’s Op came to 181 mil isk, plus a 250 mil implant, bring us to a very tasty 431 million isk. It’s good to be a ninja.

~ by Aiden Mourn on November 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Aiden's Saturday Night Ninja Salvage and Mayhem Op Pt. 2”

  1. now…where’s my loots! 😀 lol

    Was an excellent time.

  2. You loot Cyberin? It’s all mine!
    good fun, pitty I had to leave before you got the real excitment. See ya next Saturday

  3. Do you still do these? And does your offer for guests still stand?

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