Cashing In On Crime

Ever heard the expression “crime doesn’t pay” and wondered what furry little RL-carebear ever put that bold-faced lie into syndication?

Yesterday was pay-day; I hauled the contents of my “Can Flipping Loots” station containers in Fricoure, Vittenyn, and Brapellier to Dodixie to sell. Total haul? 390 million isk.


No, I didn’t forget a period there. And yes, you heard correctly: almost 400mil in dropped modules and salvage from fights resulting purely from can-flipping over the past month (also includes loot from other peoples station and gate fights, although all WHILE or en-route to flip cans). Keep in mind this is JUST from can flipping shenanigans, and doesn’t include any salvage or loot resulting from ninjaing people’s missions.

Among the more note-worthy bit; 2 Erin Mining Laser Upgrades, a Balmer Series Tracking Link, a handful of faction crystals, 12 Strip Miner II’s, 20 Expanded Cargohold II’s, 24 hobgoblin II’s, 10 ogre II’s, and (literally) 32 Mining Laser II’s. Yikes.

As further evidence of crime being awesome, if you haven’t read it yet, Mynxee over at Life In Low Sec has an amazing story of “asset liberation“, as she puts it, that had me drooling. Definitely worth reading.

Now I’m off to go play in my newly padded pile of iskies. Excuse me.



~ by Aiden Mourn on March 7, 2010.

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