Hulkageddon TEARS

Although I doubt you need reminding; for those living under the proverbial stone for the past month or so, Hulkageddon III is here and off to a roaring start. 970 exhumers, 419 barges, 21 Orcas, and 113 pods on the tally so far, and we’re only halfway through. Hats off of course to Helicity Boson for organizing this debaucherous celebration of all things awesome and tear-worthy.

Regretfully, I am unable to participate this time around seeing as I am (unregretfully) on vacation road-tripping around northern California with the GF for the next 8 days. However! I feel I should bring to your attention that TEARS is sponsoring a 100mil isk prize to the enterprising griefer/evil-doer who garners the best Hulkageddon-related tears during the event as judged Helicity and FunnzeR’s Tear-panel. So, get out there and ruin someones day.

Best of luck and happy hunting, catch you all in a week.



p.s. In case I forgot to mention, yours truly is ON said Tear-Panel, judging YOUR tears (que: evil laugh). So really, go out there and kick sand in someone’s eye, my fuel tank is running a bit dry on vacation here ;).

~ by Aiden Mourn on July 12, 2010.

One Response to “Hulkageddon TEARS”

  1. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: dead men dont talk
    From: mineralez
    Sent: 2010.07.16 08:54
    To: LoganFire,

    He He Loganfire,

    Thank you for your time and appreciation of my status. Thank you ,thank you, thank you!

    It makes me too, all warm and fuzzy inside, to know that a super-dooper pilot such as yourself can spend the time and may I say it admiration of my shooting skills or should I say my itty bitty drone skills.
    There you were thinking
    “I dont mind if I do get wasted by the Law”
    “I expect it and I shall just put that honour or trophy of being shot by Police on my trophy wall…….”
    Your plan of attrition, oh such carnige……A mining vessel…just sitting there waiting to be wasted….wow you did yourself proud there hey ?

    I realise now, that you get a kick out of causing people anguish and inconvenience in what is only a game.
    Stooping to such low level tactics as a suicide Gank, only gives me the superior high ground. I also think, should you be faced by a much harder target and a pilot with many more years of experience and skill points ….you would run/fly a light-year away at warp crapping your pants.
    I suppose if I keep writing to you and inform all my friends to do the same , telling you what a wonderful, super stand up and face your enemy like a man sort of guy you are: you may not have the time to play your “I’m a superior pilot with so many many skill points games”.
    I should invent a blue-print in your honour for a certificate of


    Many thanks for your letter of appreciation
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: dead men dont talk
    From: LoganFire
    Sent: 2010.07.16 04:21
    To: mineralez,

    The problem with being a noob is u dont know how the game works as such, plus u only have about 3.9 mill skill point where i have 95 mill skill point all in pvp. I bet i would win everytime anyhow good look with the roids will catch up with you later )))
    Re: Re: Re: Re: dead men dont talk
    From: mineralez
    Sent: 2010.07.15 18:36
    To: LoganFire,

    oh right ????
    well one thing good has come out of it …I wont be sending mail in the future …just misiles if i see you again. lol

    Re: Re: Re: dead men dont talk
    From: LoganFire
    Sent: 2010.07.15 18:30
    To: mineralez,

    I do it for the loz and know ppl like u like to send me hate mail cos ur pissed at what i done which gives me that warm feeling inside lol

    Re: Re: dead men dont talk
    From: mineralez
    Sent: 2010.07.15 17:56
    To: LoganFire,

    So UR POINT OF THE WHOLE GANKIN OPERATION PROVED WHAT EXACTLY? To keep us from mining in this area? I just dont understand the purpose to be honest!!!!

    Re: dead men dont talk
    From: LoganFire
    Sent: 2010.07.15 17:50
    To: mineralez,

    lol i can tell ur new to be suicide ganked Mwhahahaha
    dead men dont talk
    From: mineralez
    Sent: 2010.07.15 17:45
    To: LoganFire,

    I have just been informed that i got the last shot in to kill your ship although I dont have a last word confession it feels dam good you got your arse kicked. by a hammerhead ..ah hah haha hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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