Tier 5 Tears – Totally Broken, Totally Awesome

Ninlarra > my distain for you extens beyond your idiotic question
Ninlarra > oh and i hate you too
Publius Aele > dotlan shows minmatar holding almost all of the systems, which means I should see a rather steep discount
Ninlarra > Publius Aele  no it fucking shouldnt shut the fuck up
Ninlarra > your a fucking idiot i hope you die
JOhnDrees > LOL
Ninlarra > been in FW for 4 years
Ninlarra > you can shut the fuck up too
Ninlarra > farmers ruined FW to a large extand
Valentine Wiggin Wiggin > hate the game not the playas fool
Ninlarra > also dont fuckikng join my FW and tell me wtf hapopend
Ninlarra > you dont know shit


I just wanted to take a moment and thank the brave men and women of the Minmatar Militia for the not one, but TWO tier 5 warzone control pushes last night. After 2 hours of power-clicking through the ridiculous LP-store interface, aside from the carpal tunnel syndrome and a half-broken mouse, I’m now sitting on a frankly disturbing amount of ISK.

If Militia chat has taught me anything, its that you “real” FW folks seem to have nothing but loathing contempt for “gun-less” “afk-plexers” like my alt (see logs above), but this particular 320k SP alt just turned a week of plexing in the background of RL work into 18 billion isk.

To the FW bittervet who chastised me for “doing it wrong” and being “not into FW for the right reasons” I sincerely apologize; next time I’ll be sure to do it it your (much more jaded and hugely less profitable) way.

A little while ago, Ripard over at Jester’s Trek wrote a follow-up piece about faction warfare. To succinctly sum it up, “IQ Test” basically says, “if you aren’t taking advantage of this right now, you are truly dumb”; and he’s completely right. Nothing about the current state of the tier system mechanic is working well in any rational world. My alt has literally 16 hours of training time under his belt, and with the click of a button (ok, the many, many, oh-god-why-do-you-hate-me-so-much-many clicks), can turn a few hours of afk-circling stationary objects with no guns fitted into billions of iskies. It is post-future sci-fi alchemy in the most broken, mythical sense of the word, and if you aren’t on the lead-to-gold isk-printing bandwagon, for whatever bittervet, moral-superiority, or other reasons, you should change that, because you WILL be kicking yourself later.

Now, if we could push our way to tier 5 again sometime soon, that’d be great, because I still have more loyalty points than I know what to do with or even physically HOW to click my way through. Winmatar indeed.


~ by Aiden Mourn on September 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Tier 5 Tears – Totally Broken, Totally Awesome”

  1. Somewhat depressing to be honest.

  2. How is it you always seem to make friends wherever you go?

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