Podside Crimewatch Discussion: Tomorrow Night

Just a quick note: in a momentary lapse in judgement, my old bud Placid09 has invited me to appear on tomorrow nights episode of the Podside podcast to talk about the upcoming changes to Crimewatch. The podcast is recorded live at 03:00 Eve-time, or 10pm US EST, and if you’re free and feel like listening to the smooth yet distinctly masculine sound of my voice talking at length about changes to aggression rules, loopholes, and shooting people in the face in Eve Online, I invite you to tune in.

Again, 3:00 eve-time tomorrow night (10/16) right here. See you then.


~ by Aiden Mourn on October 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Podside Crimewatch Discussion: Tomorrow Night”

  1. It’s just Placid09 m8, no _. You would think being in corp and alliance with you for so long, and sharing those intimate images, you would remember my name. What am I, just some common whore? 😉 looking forward to the cast.

  2. Aiden, I missed the podcast, do you know if there is a copy of it anywhere? I’d like to listen to your take on the Crimewatch update.

    • Indeed there is, but its like 3 hours long. Check back tomorrow, I’ll have a post up with an edited “Aiden and Hans talk about Crimewatch” part of it.

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