Secret Santa Update

If you signed up, check those emails! Names have been sent out, so you’ll need to click on the “join group” link in the email. Skip the wishlist (its a little buggy anyways), since it’ll be way more fun to get something totally random from your secret santa.

If you get something especially hilarious or amazing, share it here! Thanks to everyone who signed up to participate, and a happy holidays to you and yours.

Spreading cheer like a boss,



Edit: Mord Fiddle and RedneckGenius – you are the official Scrooges of this party! I’m giving you till tomorrow night to sign up for the group or I’m booting you so the rest of us can get on with the goodies.

~ by Aiden Mourn on December 24, 2012.

8 Responses to “Secret Santa Update”

  1. Looks like about 9 or 10 people haven’t logged in to the exchange as I write this. I am going to be out of town and away from Eve starting first thing tomorrow morning until the 31st. Was hoping to be able to get it out tonight, but without the names that won’t be possible. If someone out there is without his/her gift on Christmas, it’s probably because of me. Never fear, you are not being stiffed and I will contract it as soon as I get back. The gift I have planned is more New Year’s appropriate anyway, so sit tight and it’ll be there.

  2. Yep, looks like maybe it went to their spam folder or something if they’ve missed it? Aiden, might be worth sending an email to them to have them check for that.

    • In fact, I had screwed up a few emails. They’ve all been triple-checked and resent, so I’ll give the 3 people who haven’t signed up yet another day or so before I just delete them from the list. Sorry for the hold up

  3. I will send mine when I get home in a few hours. Haven’t seen the list yet but not all my emails are showing up on my phone

  4. I got some misc fittings, some holiday items, a 10 million isk bounty… and a sleipnir. HOLY SHIT I GOT A SLEIPNIR!

    My gift went over the limit, but not anywhere NEAR that far over the limit so thanks again to my Secret Santa!

  5. Got myself a badger mark II named New Years Eve Party, in it were a few female exotic dancers, janitors, marines, science graduates, tourists, boosters, holoreels, nanite repair, spice wine, spirits, tobacco, coffe and a few boosters. So quite the party!

    I liked ^^

  6. I got an Enyo and Daredevil, very suprised and happy, thanks to my Secret Santa for the gifts and thanks to Aiden for putting this on.

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