Thursday Matinée: Kate Mosh Solo Frigate

In the same way most adult males have at one point in their life decided that Led Zeppelin was the greatest band ever created and listened to nothing else but Houses of the Holy for 2 months straight, most PvPers in Eve have had an extreme love affair with Frigates.

I myself spent months pretty much exclusively flying mostly Rifters and getting into as many fights as I could, winnable or not, just for the thrill of it. Frigate PvP is a fast, dirty, bare-knuckle style fighting; the fights are quick, and the outcome usually relies on split-second gut reactions. Honestly to this day, limping away from frig-vs-frig fights with 10 pts of structure left are some of the most fun fights I’ve ever had in Eve.

I’m linking Kate Mosh’s “Noobs, Doobs, & Man Boobs” for pure frig PvP nostalgia; the video is fun, fast, and actually does a fantastic job at highlighting the hairline margin of error you’ve got flying ships with such little EHP. Give it a watch, and enjoy.

Workplace warning: the opening 40 seconds of this video contain hilariously cartoonish drawn images of dicks. If you feel your boss/coworkers/children may object, maybe watch this one later.



Edit: Editing; like woah. Thats the last time I write a post and publish it with zero proofreading before heading out for 10 hours; yikes.

~ by Aiden Mourn on March 28, 2013.

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